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QUALIF CPE extracts 40% more contacts than our competitors. IQUALIF gives you sufficient advantages in terms of time and efficiency.
IQUALIF collects mass data as well as targeted data from directories of both White and Yellow pages.
White pages extractor

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Yellow pages scraper

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QUALIF software extracts data from both Yellow and White Pages and puts it in easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets
  • IQUALIF White and Yellow extracts individuals' data and businesses' contacts from both White and Yellow Pages directories of several different countries
  • This software is irreplaceable if you want to expand your market prospects. It gives you all the resources you might need in order to create customer files and forms, as well as qualification files
  • This software helps you collect up to 40% more contacts than all of its competitors, while also capturing complete contact information
  • When the emails are available on a company's online Yellow Pages profile, IQUALIF Yellow records them as well
  • If there are no emails found in the Yellow Pages, IQUALIF software searches the company's website itself for them, and always finds more of them!



Extract complete contact details, with addresses and phone numbers



Coordinate the extraction of data from the White Pages directory



Automatic enhancement of the streets list



Use the provided streets list or import even more yourself



Pause and resume downloads



Automatic updates



Antiblacklist System



Export to CSV

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, 32 or 64-bit
Apple Mac OS X (10.5 or later, Leopard, Snow Mountain, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra or later)
Windows Server 2003 / 2008 R2 / 2012 R2, 32 or 64-bit

* Java 6 or later required (included in the installer)



But also for traders, artisans, professionals and anyone else wanting to find and bring in new customers, thus expanding their activity base. So what exactly is IQUALIF? IQUALIF is a tool that helps you obtain the full details of a given city's residents, while also filtering results by a specific criteria.

QUALIF is beneficial for any professionals, as well as for businesses such as call centers, communication and advertising agencies, real estate agencies, marketing professionals and anyone in either the private or the public sector who wishes to expand their activities or assert themselves in their marketplace.

The white scraper version collects data from individual listings by title, name, address, telephone number, average age and collective or individual housing.

The yellow extractor allows companies to get lists by name, address, telephone number, fax, website and email address, if such information is available.

These tools are essential if you want to expand your market prospects, since it gives you the opportunity to create customer files, forms and qualification files. They collect up to 40% more contacts than other competitor tools, all while collecting full contact details of the potential clients.

IQUALIF was created specifically for the purposes of capturing and extracting data from the Yellow or White Pages of several different countries. Web scraping, also known as data mining, might also be fit to other areas and sites according to the needs of your business.

The features of IQUALIF Contact Page Extractor include the following:
  • #FFinding contact information from the online versions of White Pages or Yellow Pages directories of a set of different countries which includes France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada and Polynesi.
  • #Retrieving complete contact information, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, emails, company names, etc.
  • #The ability to get information from a custom list of streets suggested by the user, as well as from a provided list of streets Intelligent of Internet Download service that is absolutely free from download freezing and other involuntary interruptions
  • #Ability to automatically detect errors and re-downloading
  • #Automatic updates of the street list
  • #The ability to pause downloads and resume them later
  • #Anti-blacklist system
  • #Ability to export contacts into a CSV file
  • #Different versions available for each country
  • #Automatic updates

What are our strengths

Why choose us?

Current up-to-date information captured from official directories is always available to all of our customers, even new ones, in real-time. Additionally, our solutions allow for the extraction of up to 20,000 sheets per hour. We aim to provide our users with the most powerful Tools, and we srtive to keep the quality of our products a step above our competitors.


Continually striving to improveme the product, IQUALIF offers you the ability to improve your productivity and grow your streams of revenue. Our solution is the ideal entry point for gaining new customer prospects and increasing your conversion rates. As a professional, you need the best available tools at short notice. And that is exactly why IQUALIF CPE is designed to suit your needs. It is a simple and functional tool that will meet all of your requirements. White IQUALIF France, Belgium and Switzerland White 1.08 are now available; in this version, the interface has been optimised and refined in order to help you achieve even better results than before.

of our Yellow and White pages extractor

Simple interface at optimal speeds for professionals

File size:57,4 MB(EXE)/97,0 MB (PKG) / 26,3 MB (ZIP)

Licence: 3-day trial (the same features as the commercial version with no restrictions)

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White pages extractor

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Yellow pages scraper

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